Friday, May 11, 2007

Birthday Boy!

While getting a quick fix on the Castiglione municipal Internet connection, another couple from the campsite stopped by. Bernard and Leah are from Amsterdam and were camping in their Hymer - the same brand as Heidi. During the inevitable discussion that followed covering Internet, computers, websites, blogs, offspring, weather, food, the price of gas and other topics essential to the continued functioning of the world, it came to light that that very day was my Birthday.
Without further ado, we unplugged our toys and quickly adjourned to the Ristorante la Cantina for a celebratory lunch. The first course, a seafood risotto was fabulous, but the free-flowing adult beverages somewhat cloud my memory as to the rest of the meal. I'm sure it was excellent and I'm sure that we had a good time. No one from our party was arrested.

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