Friday, May 18, 2007

Love thy Neighbor, the Rotel Way

We had been advised before leaving for Europe that, if there was ever a Tightwad Oscar, it would likely end up in the hands of the Germans or the Dutch.
Certainly, they could usually be found at the head of the line whenever freebies were around and, if there was a cheesy way of saving a nickel, they were all over it, sometimes to the detriment of others. 
Then, we came face to face with a world class effort at cost minimization, with the Rotel Tours.
A handsome Mercedes bus with a large red trailer arrived on the site. Aha, something to snoop on, thought I. First thing was the discovery of a good looking kitchen at the rear of the trailer. Wow - and what a great team effort going on with the preparation of supper. Better and better. Indeed a hive of community industriousness - a picnic area is promptly set out with smart red furniture and the culinary hustling and pot boiling continues unabated.
Meanwhile, behind the curtain, even more interesting stuff is happening. 

A large tent-like structure is erected on the side of the trailer along with a wooden staircase leading up to a deck. Talking with one of the members of this party it was determined that there were thirty seven campers and two crew along for the ride. 
Thirty seven campers? Camping where? Then reality dawned - the trailer is actually is actually comprised of forty-two bedrooms, each one not too much larger than a large coffin.
So, Love thy Neighbors guys, because you're going to get to know them really well!

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