Thursday, May 31, 2007

Romrod, Central Germany

Romrod is a little town of about 3,000 people in Hessen region, the heartland of central Germany. Better yet, it happened to be on our route and hoved into view around lunchtime - a perfect venue for our cheese sandwich and cup of tea party, and it was immediately added to our itinerary. Not much more than a crossroad today, Romrod was originally built on the crossroad of the People's Way and the Kurze Hessen army road and the castle made its first appearance in the 12th century. Romrod was part of Eastern Germany and, after reunification, the castle was acquired by the German Foundation of Conservation of Monuments in 1996 and today operates a hotel. Not a whole lot else going on in this little berg.

Another decorated house. No explanation
of these heiroglyphs was found

The town butcher across the street from the church

Local fare was available if desired

The rear of the once moated castle

Castle main tower from the courtyard

The castle church can be seen outside the courtyard

Front entrance of the church, sadly securely locked

Rear of the small church

Right across the street from the castle was this farmyard

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jonbecker03 said...

the "decorated" houses are curious. perhaps these designs have something to do with the artwork of the pennsylvania "dutch" (deutsch) in america. (some romrod residents DID make it to the u s of a.)