Saturday, May 12, 2007


While loafing around in Castiglione, the name Chuisi was frequently encountered although, try as we might, no English speaking folk seemed to know anything about it. As is our wont, this was enough to put it squarely onto our itinerary even though it is west of where we were and our general plan was to go east. So, early on a Saturday morning, with high expectations, off we went to Chuisi. What did we find? Gasp - another ancient walled city on a rock! Being still quite early in the day we actually found a Pay and Display parking space large enough for Heidi and bought a ticket.
The origins of Chuisi are probably lost to history. The earliest known references, at which time it was already a city of some prominence, are from 600 BCE. Like so many other cities that we visited, the fortunes of Chuisi have been all over the map in the intervening centuries and it has changed "owners" (usually involuntarily) countless times. It currently houses about 8,000 souls and, if one takes the time to search out the background, it appears to have an extraordinarily interesting history. We spent an hour or so roaming round and taking a few snaps, some of which are shown below.

An ornate church interior, typical of Italian churches
A different style but fairly elaborate just the same

A simple altar in a small church

Bell tower

Another of several bell towers
Palazzo del Logge in the main square

The local fathers meeting

Looking out from Chuisi

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