Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bordeaux, France - Part 2: We came back, all is forgiven

One of Bordeaux's prior nicknames was "La Belle Endormie" or Sleeping Beauty, and that's what she became for us. Buoyed by the previous day's enjoyment, we were up at the crack of noon and back on the trail for day 2.
While the city has it's share of grimy, in cases derelict buildings and streets peppered with "For Rent" or "For Sale" signs it collectively markets about $15 billion of wine each year, providing a tax base sufficient to keep itself on track. As such, it appears to be evolving organically and harmoniously in accordance with the wishes of the people and the administration. Score one for France.
The city itself straddles the River Garonne and is approximately 30 miles up river and south of the river estuary on the Atlantic coast. Originally a walled city, many of the original gateways have been preserved and Bordeaux is considered not only to have the finest collection of 18th century buildings in the country, but comes second only to Paris in terms of the largest number of recognized historical monuments. What a treasure! Click here for more pictures.

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