Friday, June 16, 2017

Forza d'Agro, Sicily - much AGRO for not much

Fourteen hundred feet up in the foothills and with a current population of a scant 900 souls, Forza d'Agro developed in its present form around the start of the 14th century. Its history, of course, goes much further back - Greek settlers in the 8th century BCE, Roman conquest in 135 BCE, Byzantine domination from 536 to 827 CE, the latter interspersed by sundry Arabian incursions.
Forza D'Agrò remained loyal to the Spanish during the anti-Spanish revolution of 1674 and was later occupied by British forces in the early 19th century for defense against Napoleonic attacks. In the early 20th century, many of the inhabitants emigrated to America.
Fortunately, the area was fairly unscathed by the 20th century world wars and today, much of the town interior consists of traditional 14th century buildings and cobbled alleys largely unsuitable for vehicular traffic. This has led to the village being favored as a backdrop for several movies, including naturally, The Godfather trilogy. Following are a few pictures of the highlights of this forgotten burg.

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