Thursday, June 01, 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark - land of fairy tales

Scandinavia is primarily comprised of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Finland is not included due to language differences but another grouping called the Nordic Area does include all four countries. 
Norway, Denmark and Finland have similar sized populations (5.25 million each) and their capital cities also have about the same number of inhabitants (650,000 or so). Sweden has roughly twice the population of each of the other members (near 10 million) and Stockholm, it's capital, is also roughly twice as populous, coming in near 1 million people.
The perceived characters of the constituent countries however, are quite varied. Copenhagen exuded a warm and comfortable air of cultural security and a sense of fun. This was accentuated by directly following on from our Oslo visit that had revealed a nervous, insular persona lacking self assurance and seeming to be trying too hard.
We had a boat ride around the canal system - pictures here.

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