Monday, June 12, 2017

Great Chart, England - land of light lunches

Hythe, Kent
A small coastal market town on the south coast of the county of Kent, Hythe contains Medieval and Georgian buildings, as well as a Saxon/Norman church and a Victorian seafront promenade. Hythe was once defended by two castles, Saltwood and Lympne. The Town Hall was built in 1794.
In 1348 the Black Death afflicted Hythe, and in 1400 the plague further reduced the population. Today's headcount is around 14,000

Great Chart, Kent
Great Chart is first mentioned in 762 as Seleberhtes Cert and was known at that time for operating a mechanical water mill, the first such recorded in Britain. In 776 Great Chart's manor, the village, its lands and much of its produce were sold by King Egbert to Archbishop J├Žnberht of Canterbury to raise money for a Kentish army to fight King Offa of Mercia.
The current population is about 7000.

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