Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ferrol, Spain - our favorite excursion - on our own

Ferrol, on the northern coast of Spain, has the dubious honor of having been the birthplace, in 1892, of the Spanish General and dictator Francisco Franco. After narrowly losing the 1936 election to the anti-royalist left, Franco and several other generals attempted a coup and set in motion the Spanish Civil War. Three years and 1 million dead countrymen later, Franco finally triumphed. All the other generals were dead and he appointed himself Dictator in 1939 establishing a thirty-six year dictatorship which ended only with his own death from old age in 1976. Spain has spent much of the intervening forty years catching up to the 21st century.
With a current population of around 70,000, Ferrol has been a major naval shipbuilding center for most of its history as well as the most important arsenal in Europe for long periods. Today, the city is still home to the Navantia shipbuilding group but overall, it's economy is well diversified including agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, electrical equipment, textiles and so on.
So, with no other commitments for the day, we took the bus to town and had a good old-fashioned walkabout, our favorite kind of outing... Additional picture show here.

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